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At Exhilarating Escapes we strive to offer a valuable team-building activity that goes beyond playing fun games with each other. One of our owners (Nathan) is a social scientist currently working on his Ph.D at the University of Oklahoma and holding a Master’s degree from Western Illinois University. Nathan has designed a team-building activity that will offer lasting value to your team members based on mindset research.

People hold either malleable or fixed attitudes towards the growth of others and themselves across multiple dimensions (e.g., intelligence, social growth, and general learning). As it turns out the mindset a person holds, whether it is temporary (state) or their general disposition, is related to their behaviors. Those that hold fixed mindsets believing change is not possible and people are generally set in their ways, avoid challenges and venues for growth. On the other hand, those that hold growth mindsets believing change is possible and people are generally mentally malleable, seek challenges and venues for growth. Which mindset do you want your teammates and employees to have?

Backed by decades of research beginning with Carol S. Dweck growth and fixed mindsets are an established psychological phenomenon. Nathan wrote his Thesis on mindset and conflict styles. That is, how mindset is related to the conflict styles people utilize. This team-building activity is designed to acquaint participants with the concepts of growth and fixed mindset and then provide a venue for practice (the escape room game).

You will begin your team-building experience with a 15-minute webinar with Nathan (included in your $25 ticket price and optional). Nathan will discuss the concepts of growth and fixed mindset with your team and respond to questions prior to you engaging in the escape room game. He will provide you with strategies to employ while in the escape room. After your discussion with Nathan you will be taken to your room and your game will begin. You will get the chance to not only be trained by an expert, but immediately apply the concepts discussed. Most team-building activities focus on a debrief activity which serves little purpose. People need to apply the concepts immediately to get any long-term utility out of them.

So, allow us to make your team-building activity rewarding and exhilarating with our mindset training and entertaining escape rooms!

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