What is an escape room?

An escape room, also known as "escape game", is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy. The rooms are themed and the puzzles correspond with the theme.

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Will you escape, or will you be another victim of our rooms? 

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Our Rooms:

Ergo Spelunca Cadavera

You are a local homicide detective looking into the disappearances of locals and visitors. So far your investigation has lead you to Ergo Spelunca Cadavera - The Den of Corpses - social club, Normal chapter. Rumor has it, anyone who crosses this group gets dealt with. Sometimes the club will go after family members if they can't get their target. Allegedly, of course.


While casing the joint, you hear over their radio that the Peoria chapter has requested their help. You watch as all the members leave. Now is your chance to break-in and find conclusive evidence of their crimes so that you can take the whole group down safely. But, you better hurry, who knows how long they will be gone.

Den of Corpses

Will you get out in time?

Room holds up to 12 people comfortably.


Crimson Ashes

Crimson Ashes

Inspired in-part by Ted Kaczynski and first hand experience with graduate school stress, in this room you will investigate a graduate student convicted of a bomb plot who escaped from the local asylum. You use his own computer to break into his files, and find out more about him and his arrest. The details surrounding the convicts arrest seem questionable, and you begin to question his guilt. Come be judge and jury, in this "decide your own adventure" style room, where your final decision alters the ending!


Can you crack the case?

Room holds up to 6 people comfortably.


CIA B-Team

Your group just couldn't make it in the CIA. You failed every exam (physical and mental). You're simply unfit for the job. However, the agency is desperate, so they are giving you one final chance. Escape the room, and prove yourself.

-Inspired by old "Spy" movies. 1950s era (we have a bright orange sofa, whiskey decanter, and cigars). A poke at the Bond-genre spy movies.

Family friendly.

Great for team-building!

CIA B-Team

Think you have what it takes?

Room holds up to 14 people comfortably.

What is Exhilarating Escapes?

At EE we specialize in escape rooms in Normal, IL. You will choose from one of our four excellent themes and be locked in the room for one hour. We offer one-of-a-kind escape room games. The owners created the games, to provide a unique experience for the participants. As gamers ourselves, and escape room addicts, we know what works in escape rooms, and what doesn't.

We put a lot into making sure the experience you have with us, is an exhilarating one. As a matter of fact, with us, you won't walk into a room with 15 padlocks and have to try every code you find on all the locks. We wanted to reduce the total number of puzzles in each room, and did. Further, each puzzle in the room relates back to the story in some meaningful way. You are not solving random puzzles that don't make sense with the plot of the story.

Additionally, each of our themes was carefully designed. Some of our rooms are heavy on effects and imagination, while others are story-driven. Most escape rooms we have played do an alright job with the overall story. However, we wanted you to feel our stories, emotionally, to make the games that much better. Finally, when you leave after your room, we want you to feel as if you didn't just solve a bunch of puzzles, but experienced the theme.

So, why escape rooms in Normal, IL?

The owners, Nathan and Tom, are locals. We went to Kingsley Junior High School, Normal Community West, and Heartland. After playing an escape room together, we decided we could build our own, and have fun doing it. Thus, Exhilarating escapes was born. Here at EE, everyone is welcome, even if you or your child went to Normal community.

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Where else do you service?

Currently we do not have a mobile escape room, it is something we are considering for the future. As such, we are currently only located in Normal, IL. However, we attract visitors from all over. There aren't many Bloomington, IL escape rooms. We enjoy seeing people from surround towns and cities like bloomington, IL in our escape rooms. We attempt to encourage some competition between the towns by posting the fastest scores of local high-school teams.

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